Social Media Marketing with Phil Oakley

20161019_183554_resizedLast night I attended ‘Social Media Marketing with Phil Oakley’ at Staffordshire University.

The talk was about 10 things a business can do with social media. These were:

  1. Market research
  2. Engage
  3. Find evangelists
  4. Create a community
  5. Create an email list
  6. Get more sales
  7. Get recommendations
  8. Get closer to your customers
  9. Provide support
  10. Have fun with engagement

Although I am pretty good on social media and have previously worked in marketing, there were some bits that I hadn’t heard of before, such as using the search tool ‘Social Searcher’ to carry out market research. It was good to think of it from the perspective of when I am running my own business, having previously only marketed for someone elses business.

Overall, I found the event very useful. When I am at the stage of launching my own business I will implement all of the above.



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