WEEK 12: Tutorial, High House, and Printing at Home

This week I had a tutorial where we discussed my project proposal. I also had further feedback about my presentation from last week, as I’d mentioned in my previous post about my presentation, I had not gone into enough detail in my literature review section. It was suggested to me that as I have done lots of research but didn’t show this in my presentation, that I could have displayed it in a table format which would have shown my different research sources. During the tutorial I was giving advice on how to put together my project proposal. It is now just a case of actually reading through the rest of my research, processing it, and writing it up.
I have been feeling unwell this week and missed the evening session on Tuesday. We also had a high house meeting planned but unfortunately due to being ill I missed this too. The high house meeting was to continue to plan the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. I have been working on high house Pinterest account and have created lots of new boards, and because I love social media and actively use it I have asked if I can help with the high house Instagram account too, which I have been given the log on detail and have just started to post on.
This week I have also been organising setting up a small studio space at home so that I can print at home. I have brought a silkscreen which I will get my image exposed on to university and will then take it home and have the freedom to print at home. Which will give me a lot of flexibility with no restrictions of timetables or free spaces.

WEEK NINE:Peer Presentations, Print Tutorial and High House Wallpaper

We have three weeks of presentations where everyone in the class is presenting their project proposals to gain some peer feedback. It is really interesting to see what projects the rest of my class are doing and I am excited to see the final outcomes.

This week I also meet with the team at  High House Wallpaper. I am now officially part of the crowd-funding team which is really exciting. We are planning a crowd-funding event year, but in the lead up to it we are focusing on social media to gain more of a presence before starting the campaign. This week I have been working on High House’s Pinterest and creating lots of boards based around the Indian Collection. https://uk.pinterest.com/highhswallpaper/




Earlier in the week I had a tutorial with Sarah the print technician. She has given me lots of advice and tips (which I have written about in my protected post Design Development – Prints). I am meeting with Sarah again next week and we are spending time in the print room experimenting with different print processes and seeing what my prints look like.

WEEK EIGHT: Cut-through workshop, eCoach, High House Wallpaper, and launching Work Practice module

This week I attended another workshop with Sarah the print technician. I was shown how to “cut-through” a pattern so that it can be repeated on a lengths of material. The first stage is to blow up you pattern to 4 times the size. You need to cut a swirly line through the centre of the print (avoiding any of the pattern) and a straight line through the print. The print is plotted on graph paper, so that the pattern lines up. You then cut through the swirly line, and then replace the two pieces of paper back on the graph paper, ensuring the corners line up. One it is in place, you need to secure the paper down. Any prints that do not match up in the centre, and be replaced with a new photocopy of the image. It is then ready to be manipulated in CAD. I have only ever used Photoshop or illustrator, so at this stage I would then scan it into Photoshop.


I am meeting with Sarah next week to show her some of my print ideas and to get some feedback.

We started the Evening session with a talk from Jill at eCoach. eCoach is a service at the university that helps you to gain employability skills and to give you an ‘edge’ when applying for jobs or pitching yourself. They also help you to develop an “elevator pitch”, I plan to use this service a bit further down the line as I envisage I will be pitching my business idea to people in the future.

We were also introduced to High House wallpaper. High house is Staffordshire University’s wallpaper design company, they provide opportunities for students and graduates to be involved with the company, from designing the wallpaper to raising fund for the company.

The work practice model was launched this week, as part of this we were asked whether we would like to be involved with High House, in particular supporting them with a crowd-funding campaign, as this will goes towards our course work for the work practice moduel. I am  very eager to be involved with High House and I have a meeting with them next week to discuss opportunities.