Silkscreen printing at home

The hand in date for our first module is in a couple of days. I have been printing at home today to finish my prints ready to hand in.

The printing isn’t going as well as I hoped, I have lots of images all on the same screen and this has made it very difficult for me to print. I have been making lots of mistakes, as seen in the photos below, because my images are to close on the screen and when I put masking tape on them to block out the images I’m not using some of them still come through. In hindsight, it would have been better to have smaller screens and have individual images on each screen, so there is no risk of contaminating my prints.

At the end of this month I get the next instalment of my student loan. Once I get this I will contact the person who I brought my initial large screen from and place an order for four or five smaller screens.

WEEK 15: CAD mood board layout design

The Creativity and Enterprise module is due in very soon, so now that Christmas and New Year is done and dusted it is time to crack on with my university work.

I have mostly been working on my CAD boards this past week. I want to get my layout sorted, and then I can add my images to make my boards.

I am planning to create:

  • A mood board (to portray my inspirations and colour palette).
  • A print board (showing my final print designs).
  • A design board (showing a fashion illustration of the prints applied to garments).

The image above is a draft of my layout, which I am continuing to develop, but it gives you an idea of what I am working towards.

Anyways……best be off and get back to it!


Silk Screen Printing At Home On To Pre-made T-shirts

I have been continuing to practice my silk screen printing technique at home. I purchased some plain cotton T-shirts from the Internet to practice my printing onto (I plan to make my own T-shirts in the future). I really like the image that I have printed onto the T-shirts and I have practiced on a baby grow to. However, the image is too big for a baby grow so if I was to pursue this avenue in the future I would need to have different sized images so that the placement would be better on the baby grow. Although I like the below image on the T-shirts I felt they looked a little bit basic and needed a little bit extra done to them.

I wanted to introduce some colour. I currently only have black pigment and a blue pigment so I used the blue pigment to print an image in the background of one of the T-shirts as you can see in the below photo. I really like the look of this and I am going to continue to experiment with different ways of printing. I have ordered additional pigments so that I can experiment with more colours too.