So I started the year by saying I was going to blog more regularly and it is now the end of February and I am only just getting around to a blog post – It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

But last night I attended a live recording of the podcast Hashtag Authentic in Manchester – I have to admit that before going to the event last night I had never heard of the podcast but I decided to go along because I thought it was an interesting thing to be happening locally and also I purchased the new book with my ticket as I was interested to see what it was all about and how it could help me improve my social media. Because I don’t just use social media as a personal thing but I also have a small business, TOTO & FIFI, where social media plays a massive part of my business.

Anyways, last night was absolutely brilliant. I’ve started reading the book and I am loving it already. And I intend to listen to the podcasts as I am working at home. It’s just given me clarity in that I can just post things that make me happy and things that I enjoy and, also I am creating an online visual diary of my life and capturing all those special little moments of me and my son that I can look back on in a years time and remember all the small simple moments.

It’s so important for me to be able to be creative and although I am creative in my small business with it being a kidwear business sometimes I feel very restricted in what I can share. So I want to start using my personal social media more and create a little creative hub for myself where I can just share all of my interests and the things I enjoy without being restricted by the brand I’ve created. But I also intend to apply this to the kidswear brand but possibly in a different way.

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