WEEK 13: Printing at home and re-designing my blog

This week I have been continuing to print at home, my other pigments have arrived so I am now able to mix numerous colours. This week I have also brought some fabric crayons, I have never used these before but I am currently experimenting with them as I feel they will lend themselves nicely to my childlike designs.
I have also been thinking about different streams of income, and I have been thinking about the talk we had from Caroline about passive incomes. I think further down the line I would like to generate some kind of income from my blog, although I am not quite sure yet how this will be done. But it has made me realise I needed to redesign my blog and have my blog look more professional.
My blog before the re-design:
blog nov 2016.jpg
My blog after the re-design:
I have chosen the above theme because I wanted my blog to look very clear and easy to navigate. I also wanted my social media icons at the top of the page.
I have been looking at SEO and I am currently watching videos on Lynda.com about understanding SEO and how to utilise it with my blog. My aim is that I will have a blog that will become a place that people will come for information about fashion, trends, and childrenswear. Along with the following details of my progression through my masters and launching my business idea.

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