WEEK 12: Tutorial, High House, and Printing at Home

This week I had a tutorial where we discussed my project proposal. I also had further feedback about my presentation from last week, as I’d mentioned in my previous post about my presentation, I had not gone into enough detail in my literature review section. It was suggested to me that as I have done lots of research but didn’t show this in my presentation, that I could have displayed it in a table format which would have shown my different research sources. During the tutorial I was giving advice on how to put together my project proposal. It is now just a case of actually reading through the rest of my research, processing it, and writing it up.
I have been feeling unwell this week and missed the evening session on Tuesday. We also had a high house meeting planned but unfortunately due to being ill I missed this too. The high house meeting was to continue to plan the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. I have been working on high house Pinterest account and have created lots of new boards, and because I love social media and actively use it I have asked if I can help with the high house Instagram account too, which I have been given the log on detail and have just started to post on.
This week I have also been organising setting up a small studio space at home so that I can print at home. I have brought a silkscreen which I will get my image exposed on to university and will then take it home and have the freedom to print at home. Which will give me a lot of flexibility with no restrictions of timetables or free spaces.

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