WEEK 11: Passive Income, Project Proposal Presentation, and Photography

To start the session this week we were given a presentation by one of our peers Caroline about passive incomes. Passive incomes are a way of making money without you having to work all the time (although you need to put in a lot of work at the beginning). For example; you could have made a piece of art that is on a selling website. I found this very interesting and it has got me thinking. i realise that out people in the creative industry don’t just have one  income stream, and the presentation has got me thinking about what other income streams I could have, alongside my childrenswear business. I am good a social media and have previously been a marketing coordinator for a large shopping centre group, and I help with the social media at High House, so I defiantly think social media will be an avenue of income for me. I also love designing blogs and webpages, and I think I would like to other a service where I could style peoples website for them. During the presentation Caroline mentioned about her “overarching theme”, with hers being freedom. And again it got me thinking about what is my overarching theme. Like Caroline I think mine is freedom, and the freedom of choice; to be able to choose your working pattern, work from home, chose a better work/life balance, and the freedom to be creative.

This week I presented my project proposal to my peers. It was an opportunity to show the rest of the class what I have been working on these past few weeks, and also to get any feedback on ways that my idea can be improved.


The presentation went really well, and it was mentioned that I could set up screen printing at home. This is something I am definitely looking in to, as I want the freedom to print whenever I like and not be restricted to the opening hours of the print room at university. I also like to work alone and working in a busy print room is not ideal.

This week I also attended a photography workshop. We were shown how to use a SLR camera and were given details of how to use the studios and how to light shots. I found all of this very useful as I have never really used a proper camera or done photography before (unless you could use an iPhone!) This is going to be really useful to me further down the line when I am ready to launch my business, as I will need very high quality photos for my online store and also there are light boxes that you can photo product on. So I can do shots of models in the clothing and close up product shots.

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