WEEK 10: Trying out different print processes and practicing my sewing skills

This week I have been screen-printing in the print room. I have not got my finished designs yet, but I wanted to test out some initial prints to see what they looked like on fabric. I used blue, black, yellow, green pigments. Blue and black look good. I am not keen on green. The yellow too weak as main colour but it could possible be used as a highlight colour.

With the test prints some of the fine lines were to thin and the detail did not show up. The thicker lines look much better. I put images too close together on the screen. When I masked off some of the images with tape, the tape moved and some of the blocked off image printed through, which wouldn’t have happened if I had put the images further apart on the screen.


This week I have also been practicing my sewing skills. I have sewn a second pair of leggings and hand printed on to them with a stencil and fabric paint. I really like the effect of this print process.

I am happy with my leggings, considering they are only my second attempt. I am going to carry on developing my sewing skills, so that it is at a professional standard.






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