WEEK EIGHT: Cut-through workshop, eCoach, High House Wallpaper, and launching Work Practice module

This week I attended another workshop with Sarah the print technician. I was shown how to “cut-through” a pattern so that it can be repeated on a lengths of material. The first stage is to blow up you pattern to 4 times the size. You need to cut a swirly line through the centre of the print (avoiding any of the pattern) and a straight line through the print. The print is plotted on graph paper, so that the pattern lines up. You then cut through the swirly line, and then replace the two pieces of paper back on the graph paper, ensuring the corners line up. One it is in place, you need to secure the paper down. Any prints that do not match up in the centre, and be replaced with a new photocopy of the image. It is then ready to be manipulated in CAD. I have only ever used Photoshop or illustrator, so at this stage I would then scan it into Photoshop.


I am meeting with Sarah next week to show her some of my print ideas and to get some feedback.

We started the Evening session with a talk from Jill at eCoach. eCoach is a service at the university that helps you to gain employability skills and to give you an ‘edge’ when applying for jobs or pitching yourself. They also help you to develop an “elevator pitch”, I plan to use this service a bit further down the line as I envisage I will be pitching my business idea to people in the future.

We were also introduced to High House wallpaper. High house is Staffordshire University’s wallpaper design company, they provide opportunities for students and graduates to be involved with the company, from designing the wallpaper to raising fund for the company.

The work practice model was launched this week, as part of this we were asked whether we would like to be involved with High House, in particular supporting them with a crowd-funding campaign, as this will goes towards our course work for the work practice moduel. I am  very eager to be involved with High House and I have a meeting with them next week to discuss opportunities.


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