Blogging For Creatives by Robin Houghton

20161105_100005_resizedI have finally got my hands on the Blogging For Creatives book by Robin Houghton. I have requested this from the library a while ago, but it is obviously a very popular book and I have only just got it.

It is a fab little book, I am quite familiar with blogging and using WordPress (and making my blog look all pretty), but it has given me some extra pointers that I am going to put into place over the next few days.

These are:

  • Add personality to my blog posts, and to my lay out. I am going to create a logo to go at the top of my blog.
  • My future brand will be fun, quirky and bright, so I want my blog to reflect that.
  • Show my interests on the blog, such as creating posts about fashion, print, childrenswear, and trends.
  • When I am launch my creative business I will need to look at the possibility of have a few streams of income, my blog could become a possible income avenue.
  • Treat my blog as a PR tool for my business.


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