WEEK SEVEN: A lecture from Pete Mosley

20161104_182446At this weeks evening session we had a lecture from Pete Mosley. The lecture provided us with really useful business tips, and ways for creatives to propel their business forward without having to shout about it. Pete is a self-confessed introvert and the lecture was about shouting quietly, being an introvert myself I absolutely loved every word. One of the main points I took away from the lecture is to think of ourselves as experts in our field. I don’t yet consider myself to be an expert in print or fashion yet, yet at the same time I am quiet knowledgeable about fashion, trends, and brands, so maybe I should believe in myself more and start sharing my knowledge.

On Monday this week I contacted four manufactures, asking for quotes on prices and minimum orders. So far one has got back to me saying they are not taking on any new clients until January, and the other three have not got back to me yet.

This week I meet Dot from Be Inspired, I was concerned that I would not be eligible for the programme as you have to be Staffordshire based. But Dot informed me that as long as my business is registered in Staffordshire, then I can apply. She informed me of past students who have all chipped in together and rented studio space together which I think is an excellent idea, so I have sent a message out to my cohorts to see if anyone is interested in teaming up and renting a studio space next year.

I have spent a little bit of time in the CAD suite this week, I am working on developing my print ideas, I had planned to go into the print workshop at the end of this week, but my prints are nowhere near ready and I need to dedicate a lot more time next week to developing my prints.

This week I have also created a project management spreadsheet, it is a working document that I keep adding to. I have found it really useful and is helping me to organise my time a bit better.



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