WEEK SIX: Screen print workshop and half-term

This week there was no evening session on Tuesday with it being the week formerly known as reading week. This week was the perfect time to catch-up, however with it being half term and having my son off school for the whole week I have to admit I have not got done half as much work as I would have liked. But I did attend a print room workshop this week. It was a session covering health and safety, so that I can now go and use the print room whenever I need to.


I absolutely loved the print workshop. We had the choice to stay behind after the induction to try out some printing processes, which I jumped at the chance. I spoke with the technician, am I am booked on further technical instruction classes, my next one is printing lengths of fabric in a few weeks time. I also asked about fabric, and found out that it can be ordered in and it is a high quality and I get a student discount. I was also given a list of potential mentors, so it was a very beneficial workshop for me, and I can not wait to go back and start printing my designs.

This week I have sent out another questionnaire about unisex childrens clothing. This is my second questionnaire and has been tweaked slightly to include how much people spend per month, and I have targeted my market more directly.

I have also been in contact with Dot from the Be Inspired program this week, and I am meeting her next week to discuss applying for the program.


                                      . . .

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