WEEK FOUR: Making sense of research findings and project management

WEEK FOUR: This week we covered making sense of research findings and project management.

We started the session with a quick group task of project management. We were split into groups and each group were given a task to complete. Our task was to manage a lauch event for a ceramic company. We were given a starting point of the initial idea of a ceramic design, and a final point of launching the product, and in-between we need to list the steps we would need to take to get from one point to another. This was a really good exercise to get you thinking of steps you need to take to complete this module (and launching my business idea) and has made me realise I need to take step back and plan, instead of just diving into things.


We were then given part three of our research methods lecture. This week we covered Making Sence of Research Findings.We found out how to interpretate and analysis your data, how to establish reliability in your results, and what to look for in your findings.

I found out about convenience sampling. This appeals to me greatly, because you are using data and people who are convenient to you. So you will have people who are more willing to participate, the information is readily available, and you can use this method to gather information quickly. With this method it is more about what you do with the data you have gathered, than where you gathered it from.

My top tips I took away from this session:

  • Be careful of trying to prove what you think is ‘true’.
  • Not to take things at face value and question everything.
  • More is not better – quality over quantity.


As part of our library services at university we have free access to Lynda.com. I have logged in this week and have been browsing the online tutorials. I have save lots of marketing videos, that I plan to watch at a later date.

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