Week Three: Research methodologies, literature review techniques, and reflective practices

WEEK THREE: This week we covered research methods and methodologies.

Data Collection Chapter Managing Through Information for Postgraduates, Complied by John Wyld and Arshad Hussain (2008). Data is number or facts that we interpret to become information so we can make informed decisions. It is important to collect enough data to allow good decisions, but not too much that you get side-tracked with irrelevant information. I feel it is better to collect quality data over quantity, having too much information can make you lose sight of what you are researching in the first place, and if you have collected any inaccurate data you could be basing your decisions on something that may not even be relevant or true.

I plan on creating a questionnaire, that I will plan to get parents to fill in. I am doing this because I want to find out directly from parents what their biggest concern are when purchasing clothing for their children. This will give me some primary data, and along with all of the secondary data I have collected, should give me a good understanding of childrenswear buying habits. My only concern with a questionnaire, there is a tendency with questionnaires that the person filling it in will do so in a way that will please the interviewer. However I initially plan to share the questionnaire on social media, and allow the responses to be anonymous, hopefully that will discourage people trying to please me with their answers, and I will get more honest feedback. If I do not get a good response (not many people responding) from my questionnaire on social media, I will look at other ways of engaging with parents (possibly speaking to a local school or parent group).

I have read the Reflective Writing Guidance Notes For Students, my understanding is that there are levels of reflecting – descriptive writing, descriptive reflection, dialogue reflection, and critical reflection. I have realised that I am somewhere in-between descriptive writing and descriptive reflection (although I think I am closer to descriptive writing) and I need to reflect deeper on things. Going ahead, I am going to try to write more in-depth, and reflect on my understanding, feelings, and thoughts.

I have also read the Critical literature review techniques hand out, again this has made me realise that I need to go beyond describing things I have read and comment on them more in-depth.


I have to admit I find this side of the MA very difficult, I am dyslexic and although I can read very well (and write well to a certain extent), my working memory is the thing I struggle with the most. Reading a lot of information in one go and reflecting on it, is probably the one are that is my biggest downfall. However, I am trying to deal with the literature one bit at a time and trying to reflect as I go along, so that I am handling little chunks at a time which are easier to deal with (and spell checker is my best friend!)


Other things from this week:

  • This week I have also found a fabulous magazine called “Make it, Sell it” which gives practical advice and tips for first-time business owners.


  • I have been continuing to create my initial prints for unisex childrenswear.


  • I have also been looking at Textile View magazine issue No. 115, to look at future textile trends. There are some great colour pallets for A/W 17/18 as seen below. Even thought this is a womenswear trend, I feel the colours lend themselves well to a unisex childrenwear range.
Image via Textile View No. 115

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