WEEK TWO: Research Methods, Idea Generation and Erasmus

WEEK TWO: At our session this week we were introduced to a range of Thinking Techniques and Ideas Generation. I find the best technique for me is to start a brain storm and keep adding to it,  it helps me to clarify what I want to do and what I still need to do.


At our session this week we also covered Research methodology. My mind is completely boggled, I have never heard of so many terms of researching; epistemology, ontology, axiology to name a few. Luckily we are not expected to fully understand every single term, we just need to know it exists and to look at what type of research method will best suit our project and needs.

At this stage I am thinking that I will use mixed methods, in particular the ethnographic approach or phenomenology which both use the study of human behaviour. And action research, which is normally associated with a “hands on” small-scale research, which I feel will suit me at this time.

We were also introduced to the Erasmus exchange scheme and the new Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs scheme. I like the idea of the Young Entrepreneurs scheme and working for sililar companies to my area of intrest for a minimum of a week at a time. It is something I will look into further next year.

Here are some addimntional points that I took away from this week:

  • Don’t read books page to page, just  look up the sections that are of interest to you, and read that bit.
  • When researching, if you find something interesting that you want to read or investigate further, but it does not relate to the project you are currently doing. Save it for later and re-visit it. Spend your time only on relevant information.

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