WEEK ONE – Getting to know my peers, discussing a paper, and launching our first brief

WEEK ONE: This week we had our first lecture. We were given a journal paper “Skills for creative industries graduate success” to read and answer a set of questions, ready to discuss in groups at our first session this week. I was initially overwhelmed by the report and the questions. Being dyslexic, reading lots of information and having to process that information in my brain, is somewhat difficult. However, once I started answering the questions it wasn’t as difficult as I first thought.The paper discusses a ‘Protean career’, I have to admit I had not heard of this concept before, but it has really opened my eyes and changed my though process of how I am going to achieve what I want out of my MA. For those who don’t know a protean career is basically a career path that you create for yourself as in the creative industries there isn’t necessarily a set career path as the may be for other career choices (such as being a Doctor for example).

In hindsight I would have loved to have had this information provided to me in my first year of my fashion degree. If I had known this back then, I feel I may have made different career choices. Unfortunately as much as I loved my fashion degree, I feel we were not very prepared for the working world; it was a very creative degree with little to none business skills. I almost expected opportunities to present themself to me, instead of seeking or creating my own opportunities. Now that I am older and more experienced, I feel I am more prepared to go out and create my own path upon completing my MA, and reading the paper has clarified that for me.

This week I also went to the library to find some additional reading, I have been reading Introducing the Creative Industries From Theory to Practice by Rosamund Davies and Gauti Sigthorsson 2013. I also have the book Creating Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship education for the creative industries by The Higher Education Academy Art Design Media Subject Centre and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts 2007. I have not began to read this yet, but it is on my list.


During the class we were put into pairs to find out more about each other in the class, we then all took turns to speak about ourselves in front of the class and discuss our backgrounds and areas of interest and also who we would like as a mentor. It was really interesting to find out about everyone’s background and their career aspirations.

We were then put into larger groups to discuss our answers and thoughts from the paper we had researched before the class. In my group we decided to focus on our core work values. What was interesting is that we all have similar work values, such as; being able to have fun at work, enjoying what you do, being able to be creative, and flexibility to choose your work pattern. It seems that most people on the course all want the same thing that I want out of life; to have a job you enjoy, a job that challenges you, allows you to be creative, and can make a positive impact on people or society.

20160920_191308Towards the end of the session our first brief was launched titled “Creativity and Enterprise”. I am so excited about starting this module and have lots of ideas swirling around in my head. Now it is time to start writing down those ideas and developing them and decide how best to process with this project.

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